How to unsubscribe from email notifications/ How to delete my account

☞ How to unsubscribe ✉

 To stop emails from Postila, you need to unsubscribe in your Account (

1. Go to and make sure you are logged in with your account (in the upper right corner is your name).
2. Select My Account from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the site under your profile picture.

Move the slider to subscribe or unsubscribe.

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You can also unsubscribe from a specific notification type using a link in any email from

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If you use the link in a Postila email, you only can unsubscribe from one specific type of notifications (e.g. from notification, when someone has saved your post).

If you wish to subscribe to any notifications again, go to My Account ( and edit the settings again.

☞ How to delete your account ☠

Please use first the option of unsubscribing from all notifications (described above).

If you don't like something on Postila , please write to us http://pishite.postila.ruevery day we do our best to improve Postila, to make it more interesting and more useful for everyone.

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If you wish to quit Postila, you can easily delete your account.  You can delete your account in My Account (

Once you delete your account, no one can see your content and account information. You will receive no emails from us after that.
We already miss you!

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