5 first steps for new users

Using Postila is very easy. You will be surprised, what an inspiring and, most important, useful project Postila is.

Here are the 5 steps for new users

  1. Go to http://postila.ru/picture/follow/?boardSelector and choose the most interesting boards. After that you'll see updates from chosen boards on your main page: http://postila.ru/.
  2. As a next step try to create your own boards and save interesting posts there. Board is a collection of posts (pictures). See, how to create your own boards and save posts.
  3. Install Postila browser extension to save useful and delightful ideas from around the web.
  4. If the extension is not available for your browser, use the button in the bookmarks bar. How to install the button in the bookmarks bar
  5. Use the button "Post!" on page you want to save for later, click on it and fill in the form. Find out, how to add posts to Posila.

All these steps are really very simple. You need just a few minutes to try.

Have a good time on Postila!

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